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Caring for my ring                   See Video HERE There are two different methods for maintaining your silver ring depending on the finish (Polished or Antique). NOTE: all rings are automatically shipped with the "antique finish" . "Polished finish" is available by special order only. First for the polished finish.....Since the rings are made from real silver coins which are 90% pure silver they are very easy to maintain. Simply use a double sided silver polishing cloth available for about $5.00 at many large retailers such as Walmart in the jewelry section. The cloths contain a dry polishing compound on one side and the other side is used to buff the ring to a final shine.....Whole process takes less than a minute to complete (YAY!) Now for the antique finish..... The dark portion of the two-tone antique finish will gradually wear off as it is simply the natural oxidation (tarnish) of the silver which makes for the dramatic highlighted affect. The process for renewing the antique look is a highly classified, top-secret process that requires a scientist to apply.....Ok, just kidding! The dark portion is actually very easy to restore at home with...would you believe?.....an EGG?.....yes, an egg. Here's how it works: First, clean the ring with either rubbing alcohol or with some hot water mixed with a small amount of ammonia and a drop of dish soap and then rinse and dry. Be careful not to touch the ring with your fingers after cleaning to avoid getting oils or fingerprints on the ring prior to treatment. Now, hard boil an egg for about 15 minutes after it starts to boil and then carefully place the hot egg (shell and all) into a doubled-up pair of Ziplock sandwich bags. Now, for the fun part.....smash the egg inside the bag until it looks like it is ready for some egg salad (with shells... mmmm) next, lightly wrap the ring with a small piece of paper towel or coffee filter and place the ring into the bag and seal tightly. Wrap the whole bag in some aluminum foil to help keep the egg hot for as long as possible and leave for at least two hours and then check to see if the ring has darkened all over (if only a portion of the ring has darkened or the ring has darkened unevenly, just rotate the ring and close the bag back up for another hour). The ring can be left as long as desired to get a dark coating all over the ring (even overnight) There is no way to mess this up, so don't worry. Now all you have to do is rinse the ring in water and dry. Next just take the same polishing cloth used for the polished rings and begin rubbing the high points of the ring to remove the tarnish and....Just like new! This can be done any time you need to restore the dark portions of the ring. You can even switch between the fully polished look and the antique look anytime you like. Notes: The egg method is only necessary when the darkened portion has become significantly rubbed off. If the dark portion is still mostly intact you will just need to lightly use the polishing cloth to bring out theshine on the non tarnished (raised) areas. Very fine steel wool (Grade 0000) can also be used to gently remove the tarnish from the raised areas after the egg treatment if the polishing cloth is not doing the job quickly enough, just rub VERY lightly...remember, you are only trying to remove a bit of the tarnish. The egg method works due to the natural sulphur content in the egg yolk which just accelerates the oxidation process on the silver. All natural...and super safe! See video HERE

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